Blizzard Endorses Melting Faces

I got my boyfriend the Collector’s Edition of WotLK.  One of the goodies it came with were a few WoW card game cards.  It also came with a rule book for the card game. I had never really seen card game materials before his unboxing tonight.

While installing his game, my boyfriend came up to me, card game rulebook in hands.  “You have to read the priest description, ” he said, handing the rulebook to me.

This is what the priest class description read:

The Card Game priest class description.

Wait, did you catch that?

"Those who lean toward shadow melt faces"

Melting faces: shadow priest tested; Blizzard approved.

6 Responses

  1. LOL, never thought the term ‘melting faces’ , was use in a game card description.

  2. *laughed really hard*
    This is the sick kind of humor I like about Blizz.

  3. Hehe, awesome stuff.

    PS, I am loving this daily update – Makes each morning more enjoyable :)

  4. Shadow weaving! Shadow Priests also enjoy knitting, crocheting and trying to perfect the ultimate cross stich!

  5. There’s also an in-game nod to face melting in the next wave of purple engineering goggles…

  6. There is actually a card in the game for priests called ‘Melt face’:

    Blizzard loves them some face melting.

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