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I admit it. I read Ming’s blog for the half-humor-half-shockfest that it is (making it 100% amusing).  Seemingly out of the blue, Jasi (a contributor to the blog) pulled off a wonderful interview with Noxn, the consistently highest rated PvP shadow priest since season 2.

If you get a minute, give it a read.  It’s always a treat to read Noxn’s thoughts on things (I’m a not-so-closet fan) and the interview is pretty well done.

Here are a few gratuitously stolen excerpts:

Jasi: What do you think is the biggest mistake newer or even “experienced” shadow priests make?

Noxn: It’s dispelling for sure. I dont think a lot of spriests realized how often you had to cast dispel in arenas. Just a guesstimate off the top of my head, I casted dispels vs priest or druid teams for probably around 50% of my spells. it’s important to know when it’s good to dispel lifeblooms, when you should dispel over dmg, etc. and not a lot of priests picked up on that.

It’s also extremely important to realize that your dispel is defensive too; i always set focus to the player who cc’s the most w/ magic effects (mage or warlock) and spam dispel on the person they’re sheeping/fearing before the cc goes off. it’s not something you can do all the time, but it can win games if you make your healer immune to sheeps for the first part of the fights. I’ve seen more warlocks defensively dispel with devour better than priests do, which is kind of sad considering devour only takes 1 buff and it has a cooldown.

Jasi: When you first saw the 3.0 changes, were you excited to see that Shadow might have finally gotten the breath of fresh air it needed?

Noxn: I was excited at first, because Dispersion is a great idea (but it needs something else, like the health regen back) and Fade breaking snares gives us the mobility we needed in arenas. later on when they changed shadoweaving to be a self-buff is when I started hating the changes. I currently prefer playing the pre-3.0 shadow priest compared to the 3.0 one simply because of shadoweaving. There’s nothing more annoying to me than to have a paladin or priest spam dispel my dots with just one button. It’s hard to say how shadow priests will be at 80 though, I feel like we might actually be able to put out pressure without dots with crit being more of a shadow priest stat and mind flay being able to crit.

Jasi: What changes would you like to see Blizzard do first with Wotlk in relation to Shadow?

Noxn: The main things I’d like to see changed about shadow priests, besides fixing dot vulnerability are: making it so abolish disease is castable in shadowform, giving us a damage spell in the discipline tree so we can do something besides jump around and spam dispel while our shadow school is silenced, making some sort of change to dispersion like making it give the hp back against instead of just mana, and if shadoweaving is to remain a selfbuff make it so that we gain the +dmg on our dots from shadoweaving as the stacks go up (like if we’re using VT, Pain, and DP to stack up weaving, then make it so they get the benefit of that shadoweaving so we don’t have to reapply them to get that extra dmg)

Noxn has two PvP videos and a not-so-frequently updated blog.  You can read the whole interview on World of Ming.

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  1. Not much news here. Admit it, it was a bit cheap. But fair enough, I can wait until tomorrow for your next post. Most of what you write shine of quality.

  2. Who said I only had to write one post a day? Anyways, isn’t calling someone “cheap” a little cheap in itself? ;)

    Seriously, I hear ya. I didn’t intend for this to be my single post for the day, it just worked out that way.

  3. Noxn was one of the top PvP ShadowPriests out there, holding the highest combined rank across all 3 brackets. Not only that, but she’s the one to pilot a ShadowPriest/Restokin duo to Brutal Glad (i think).

    If you actually read the article, you can get alot of insight into the state of ShadowPriests in the past and in the future. Don’t call something cheap just because it is a link to another insightful document.

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