The Most Important Stat

The new patch didn’t just introduce achievements.  It also gave us statistics about our characters.  We can see interesting things such as the largest our mana pool has been, the numbers of creatures we’ve killed, how many times we’ve died, and the total amount of damage we’ve done.

When exploring my characters’ various stats, I believe I stumbled upon the single most important stat for any character:

Total times LOL’d: zero.

This goes to show you …  bigger isn’t always better.

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  1. LOL

  2. Unfortunately, doing /laugh will increase this statistic. And laughing isn’t really anything bad..

  3. This would explain the sudden surge of mirth around Shattrath…

  4. Okay, wait. They can track history of how many times I’ve /laughed, but they can’t track the fact that I spent months of my life farming MC and BWL and AQ20 and every 5-man instance in Outlands?

    Color me bitter. >_<


  5. Statistics -> death -> world -> deaths from Hogger

    This number is to me most important

  6. @Rhoelyn

    Nope, all these statistics are collected only starting with 3.0.2 patch. They can track any achievements from past only as long as you have some non-daily quest done in that instance/raid (like.. killing the last bosses – that applies to Outland normal 5-mans mostly). Also in case if you own some drops from raids. I have several RP drops from Onyxia in my bank, the game saw it and counted me ‘Onyxia killed’ achievement as a result.

  7. @Gridfon,

    Even tho you’re right about data start collecting from 3.0.2, it is not true that it tracks backwards by drops, only quests. If you completed quests that include killing Ony then that’s why you have the achievement. Drops don’t count. For example I have The Sun Eather but I don’t have heroic Mech achievement (and that’s soooo stupid Blizz!)

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