I’m getting the impressions that now that 3.0.2 has gone live, we will be seeing a truckload of “fixing” changes, such as the recent change to VE for shadow priests.

This morning, it was announced that the talent Divine Providence in the holy tree will be changed to also reduce the cooldown of Prayer of Mending.  Divine Providence increases the healing of spells affecting multiple targets by 10%. It will now also make the cooldown of Prayer of Mending 7 seconds instead of 10.

From Ghostcrawler (game developer):

We are sympathetic to the notion that Divine Providence feels like a second Spiritual Healing but with less effect. So we’re making this change:

Divine Providence now also reduces the cooldown of Prayer of Mending by 6/12/18/24/30%. With 5 points, it takes PoM from 10 to 7 sec cooldown.

The sad thing is, when I hit level 80, I think I am going to have to pick up Mental Agility in leiu  of it.  Mana efficiency comes first!  I really think they should have rolled some mana conservation feature into it instead.


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  1. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure I agree.
    Talents are about choice: You get one thing by giving up another.

    Mana conservation is always a concern, which is why so many talents focus around more effect per mana, or less mana per effect.

    We already do fairly well with mana conservation I think. Other talents like Inner Focus and the recent buffs to Shadowfiend all help. Having to give up a little mana conservation might be worth it if your melee all take damage.

    PoM ftw.

  2. You also have to take into consideration the mana efficiency of the spell (PoM) that you can now use versus what you would have to use instead because of the talent change (probably flash heal/etc.)

    This becomes super powerful if damage is setup in such a way that you can get 5 jumps before the 7 seconds is up (versus the 10). A potential HPS super buff and a HPM buff – due to how awesome PoM is after it has jumped several times.

    If you wouldn’t need it before 10 seconds then this sucks.

  3. […] with 5/5 in Divine Providence. This is…nice, I guess, but I’m in agreement with the Dwarf Priest here: I’m still not taking it. 3 seconds off PoM’s CD and a 10% boost to 30% of my […]

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