The Other Shoe Just Dropped

I was wondering how long shadow priests would be able to do an unreasonablely high amount of healing through Vampiric Embrace. The way it would scale into WotLK would mean that three shadowpriests could keep a tank up pretty much by themselves.  Why bring healers to raids when you could stack DPSers?

Well, Blizzard just “fixed” it.

Shadow priests won’t be able to do insane health regen any longer.  The upside is that our DPS can now be increased.

Ghostcrawler (game developer) just owned up to the problem on the forums (emphasis mine):

We need to fix two problems with Shadow priests. One is that their damage is too low, especially at epic level. The second is that stacking Vampiric Embrace from too many priests probably represents a balance problem. These changes will go live before Nov 13.

Vampiric Embrace — we need to nerf it, but we don’t want it to be terrible for priests in small groups or solo. So we are going to make it 5% healing to your group (not raid) but 25% healing to yourself. Assume the talents that affect it get it up to this level.

Vampiric Touch — we’re adding some of the damage adjustment to this spell, by doubling the coefficient (from 0.2 to 0.4).

Shadowform — we’re adding the rest of the adjustment here. Your Shadow Word: Pain, Devouring Plague and Vampiric Touch do an additional percentage damage equal to your critical strike chance. Basically if your crit is 25%, your SW:P does 25% more damage. This has the side effect of making crit a little more useful for Shadow priests.

In summary: VE will be 5% group (not raid) healing (but to yourself it will be 25%).  Our damage from DoTs will now scale with crit.  Vampiric Touch will get double its previous coefficient of spellpower.

My napkin math says that this will increase our damage by roughly 17%.  This still has us much lower than other DPSers in WotLK (a number of them can almost double our DPS as things are now!).

EDIT: Battlemaid (who is awesome) on ran the changes through SimulationCraft.  Here is what we look like (at level 80):

It’s more like a DPS increase of 18%-19%.  Be sure to check out the thread on for more information about the changes!

It was suggested by Ghostcrawler yesterday that more shadow priest glyphs be introduced to help our DPS situation.  Hopefully we’ll see those soon. We don’t have any decent options for increasing our raid DPS at the moment.

These changes are a step in the right direction.  A few more steps and perhaps we’ll hit the middle of a DPS meter in Wrath (on a boss). We’re middle of the pack DPS now (compared to other casters).  I’m not complaining!  I can live with that.


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  1. Stay tuned for updates of

    In 15-30 minutes there you’ll find comparison between promised and current state of shadowpriests at Naxx-25 gear level. Also one will be able to track scaling changes.

    Just give me some time :P

  2. [SimCraft] Numeric summary on latest changes:

  3. damnit…i just wanted to post your thread, battle -.-

    i really look forward to these changes – they are awsome IMO

    okay…VE gets nerfed..but our dmg-output will be highly increased by the time we hit 80…
    i don’t know the exact numbers but i think that our groupheal wouldn’t be that much lower than it is now…even though VE gets nerfed to 5%

    and if we really have to deal with this nerf to get a dps-increase of…what? 800dps? ^^
    HELL YEAH, i’m in for it! :D

  4. A VE nerf for 800 DPS? Hell yeah, I’m, for it, too!

    Thank you for running it through SimCraft, Battlemaid. You are the awesomesaue-iest. I really need to start playing with it more. :)

  5. I read battlemaid’s post on and some joy came back to my outlook at the looming expansion XD

    I am one of the few spriests in my guild that are determined to stay a face melter (shoulda seen some of the fights I had with one of the other guys XD)

  6. This is encouraging, and big thanks ta Battlemaid fer cunchifying the numbers. Is too bad Blizz couldn’t have put these dps changes inta beta a month ago, when there woulda been time to see how they do in a actual raid.

    I is still concerned about GC’s blue post the other day, saying hybrids gots to do less damage than pure-dps. Which does he consider us? He does not say. If he sees us as hybrids, then Blizz may end up nerfing about half of that dps what they say they’s gonna give us.

  7. […] other news, check out Dwarf Priest’s post on the new shadow changes – it includes a SimulationCraft graph from’s Battlemaid!  It looks like […]

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