A Quick Word About Patch Notes…

If you’ve just gone through and done the install of the patch, you may have noticed that Blizzard showed you patch notes that were very poorly updated and contained some really, really, really outdated information.

Don’t panic!

It’s just a mistake.

Circle of Healing won’t have a cooldown. It’s called “Twin Disciplines” not “Twin Faiths” and it only works on instant-cast and some channeled spells, not all spells. Improved Spirit Tap won’t give you a 100% spirit bonus … and the list goes on…

Keep an eye on MMO Champion.  They’ll have the actual patch notes up as soonish, I’m sure.

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  1. Thanks, DP. I’m a freak-out cat, and stuff like that makes me nervous!

  2. Ah i thought so!

    Thanks DP :)

  3. Bump for your 3.0.2 gear list updates and Sample talent builds! Really liked your guides and everything! The only best updates of priest and general stuffs i’ve learnt from was from your site!

  4. Hmmm a blue post linked here: http://www.wowinsider.com/2008/10/14/breaking-news-patch-3-0-2-will-not-contain-all-major-class-chan/ is implying that it is intended. Hello 6 second cooldown on CoH until they patch again?

  5. There is not a cooldown on Circle of Healing.

  6. thanks for confirming to me :) Wonder which classes and talents this post refers to then. hmmm

  7. I am wondering what type of experiences other people are having with post patch mods. I raided last night using the bliz UI, it sucked. From a shadow priest point of view, a good dot timers is a must have. I found myself just rolling on the keyboard and struggling to get a solid roation established.

    Can anyone suggest a working UI?
    Can anyone suggest a good dot timer?
    I have heard Sorrens Timer is working

    WTB a nice solid Dot Timer!

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