Real Concerns About Shadow?

Battlemaid (from just linked me a thread in the comments of one of my posts that I thought I should put up here.

Despite Blizzard’s repeated nerfing of the class and their blanket promises that they are “not done” and our DPS “will be fixed,” continues to give level-headed, constructive feedback on the forums.  Kudos to them!

If you have a minute, go check out the thread. It covers:

  • Letting us get more benefit out of spirit
  • Comparative DPS with other classes
  • How useless SW:D and VT have become to our personal DPS
  • Tier 7 bonuses

Cheesy graphic made by me!

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  1. I really wish they would respond to the post there, or at least acknowledge it.

    I am happy about getting benefit from crit, etc. That they are changing, but from what I’ve been hearing on beta (sadly I dont have a key) we are still far behind other dps, even “utility classes” like ret pally’s and Surv. Hunters.

    Though I will admit running around on Live with my 3.0 gear is fun… 35% Crit on mindblast. My dps might be lower overall (Until the patch hits) but the numbers are fun to watch.

  2. killer graphic!! :)

  3. Thanks for all your hard work on that post!

    I don’t want to ditch my SPriest in WotLK, but currently it seems my druid and paladin will be of more use, even when it comes to healing on the pally side :/

    Love my priest. I hope Blizz fixes them, but a month is not a long time…

  4. It appears that shadow priests are classified the way I believe we should be…DPS!

    *Fingers Crossed* Shadow DPS is every bit as nice as Ret Pally, Frost Mage, and Survival Hunter.

    How many more nerfs can a spec get?

    Taken from

    “All classes were reviewed and changed in the beta, especially in regard to the raid buffs. Yes some changes have been perceived as a swift falling brick of nerf, but others are most definitely buffs. Classes or specs previously seen as “Utility/DPS” have now been changed to be purely DPS; the upshot is that Shadow Priest DPS has to go up to suit. If other classes or specs giving Replenishment are doing more DPS than you in your testing now, then that is probably because we’re still adjusting Shadow Priest DPS.”

  5. Battlemaid fighting!

  6. Right now I’m praying for a miracale. I’m loving my spriest, but the way things are looking now, it looks like I’ll be taking a trip down Holy lane and into funville (???).

    Or at the very least play my Hunter instead.


  7. I’m fed up, they clearly have no idea what to do with spriests for WotLK and they just keep tossing crap around.

    Guys, just revert changes to what we have right now in pre-3.0 and we’ll just deal with it; if you have no clue how to improve the tree, don’t touch it.

  8. Just want to throw some support to the SPriests. Recently I levelled a priest to 70 and was wondering if the Wrath is the time to try a new class as main. After digging through the forums and, I’m not impressed by how the Priest is regarded, especially the SPriests.

    It seems (and I’ve noted) that a SP needs significantly better gear to keep up with other dps classes. My main is a Warlock, and it far out classes the SPr at the moment. I did some numbers on the back of a napkin, you guys are getting gibbed; and it reads like you’re no better off in X-pac.

    Hopefully we’ll see SPr become a “ohh, …get the SPr”, not just as a 3rd choice.

  9. Spriest development is not done yet. Blizz has even said so themselves. Changes todate are phase one and have been released to simply act as a base to test against. Blizz knows how they want to tweak spriests but they will do so based off of the initial changes. When troubleshooting anything, do you adjust everything at once, or piece by piece? The latter obviously. Don’t abandon your spriests just yet.

  10. Check out this latest report:

    Grrrr, I do not know how much more input is needed to honestly say, shadow priests are underpowered.

    All I have now is hope, I would feel much better if there is like one patch note indicating the shadow priests will improve.

    Just feel burned on comments like “We are not done yet” and “*IF* we find damage not performing like others” and seeing no forward action.

    The picture is clear, just hoping Bliz delivers.

  11. @Bryjake – yup I agree. Even if the stats can be disputed due to be “machined rather than live”, its a clear sub-par difference between Priests and the other classes.

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