Concerns About Shadow Priests?

I’m literrally running out the door as I write this, but this little gem will give you something to mull over:

On the beta forums, there was a short exhange with Koraa (priest class developer) and a player about shadow priest concerns.

Notably, apparently shadow DPS is fine:

We test single target DPS with blue, epic and green gear. In all trials the Shadow Priest was doing more than expected DPS, I believe it was around ~2500 in epics. This was solo in a 5-minute trial (without raid buffs). In a raid setting, your DPS would probably be significantly higher. In a nutshell, we feel we’ve made a lot of progress in our goal of bumping the Shadow Priest DPS numbers/scaling to where we want it to be. Unfortunately players won’t really be able to see these numbers on their characters because you are using low tier PvP gear. (Referring to the pre-mades we have on Murmur)

Well, it’s fine according to the developers and it where they want it to be.  I still think it’s underperforming, personally…  But perhaps they still want us under other DPSers as a penalty for bringing Replenishment (a very necessary raid buff).

A few words on the aim of Dispersion:

Without Dispersion, Shadow Priests would not be PvP viable. Our goals were to 1] Lower the Shadow Priests raid utility but increase their personal DPS, 2] Give the Shadow Priest more PvP mobility and survivability, and 3] Give them a new niche/gameplay (AOE damage with Mind Sear). I think we accomplished all of those goals. Its quite possible we may of not went far enough (or even too far), but we’ll find that out soon enough and do changes where necessary.

If it’s for PvP, bring back the health regen component.  Seriously.

Read the whole thread, there are other goodies as well.



Also, it looks like we will see a switch in Imp. Inner Fire’s and Imp. Power Word: Shield’s location in the disc tree.  As Imp. PW:S was basically filler, and Imp. Inner Fire will increase both our healing capacity and our DPS (as Inner Fire now grants spellpower), I rejoice at the change.  No longer will 16-17 points in disc be mandatory!   We’re back down to 13-14 (for Meditation, and possibly Inner Focus).

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  1. If we’re fine, I’d like to see the numbers of us compared to (at least) ret paladins and Survival hunters. If our dps is not equal or superior to theirs, we are not fine.

    Ret paladin’s offer blessings, which stack, and Survival hunters (unless I missed something significant) buff dps of other classes, meaning both classes currently bring a lot more utility to the raid.

    I can understand why they don’t want us to be high end dps because we do still have a buff. I am really excited about some of the changes coming for us, but at the same time I wish that we could have some more details about how we compare to the other classes.

    US-PvP Aegwynn

  2. Argh, when did they give Inner Fire spellpower. Argh, another essential talent to pick up in the Disc tree for us Holy priests :-(. I guess that means no more Imp Pw:Fort for me :(.

  3. All the recent changes (or lack thereof) to us shadow priests have made me very apprehensive about staying shadow in Wrath.
    I’m seriously considering going Holy and bringing the Hunter out of retirement for DPS. With all their amazing changes, I’m being pulled futher and further down that road.

    Sure we’re getting some very cool changes, but not enough to get me excited for my shadow priest, nor make me feel like I’ll be that useful.

    I dunno. Maybe I’m just bitter today.

    EU Ghostlands

  4. Amen to that!!

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  6. >Argh, when did they give Inner Fire spellpower. Argh, another >essential talent to pick up in the Disc tree for us Holy priests

    The base inner fire is getting spell power improvements – at level 71 you’ll learn rank 8 of Inner Fire which increases armor by 1800 and spell power by 95. However the improved inner fire percentage improvement not only works on the armor, but also the spell power. This means that 3/3 in Improved Inner Fire will result in rank 8 of IF giving 138 spell power (up from 95) and rank 9 of IF giving 174 spell power (up from 120).

  7. Speaking of Shadow issues, is anyone else the least bit puzzled by the latest tooltip for Twisted Faith?

    “Increases your spell power by 10% of your total Spirit, and your damage done by your Mind Flay and Mind Blast is increased by 10% if your target is afflicted by Mind Flay.”

    …. does that mean the 10% damage buff only applies if two Shadow Priests are DPSing the target? Because I can’t honestly see how you can mindblast a mob if you’re using Mind Flay, and last time I checked, MF doesn’t apply a lasting debuff.

  8. >> I still think it’s underperforming, personally

    I think this thread should be linked in the “Shadow Concerns” post: ( Yet Another Feedback Topic)

    Sorry for implicit bumping, but I that’s worth it.

  9. @Battlemaid – It’s cool and you’re right. They keep reducing shadow DPS, but keep telling us to “have faith” and that things will be fixed. That’s a pretty mixed message if you ask me. Thanks for the post link.

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