Beer Me!

Brewfest is upon us!

Starting September 20th, and going until October 4th, is Brewfest, the Azerothian holiday of acceptable drunken stupidity beer appreciation.

Booze it up outside of Orgrimmar or Ironforge where representatives from three different breweries await with samples of their finest beers.

Happy Bank Alt Appreciation Holiday

The hidden beauty of Brewfest is its ability to bring all characters great and small together under a common goal: booze!

Your poor, pale bank alt(s), not having been outside the walls of your major-city-of-choice probably since the day they were created, get a chance to take a vacation.  Free beer, new clothes, riding mounts, a “blue” mainhand weapon, and stylish goggles await!  They can have all this and more at the low, low value of zero xp!  Yes, your bank alt can partake in most Brewfest activities while remaining oppressed at level 1 forever.

  • Be sure to ride some rams in the keg delivery and event barker quests.
  • Acquire a Pony Keg to help your alt get through those cold, lonely, tedious nights working at the Auction House.
  • Make use of the special “Romance” goggles to more easily see the mailbox and auctioneers during your daily routine.
  • … or just wear that funny hat you always wanted.
  • Bludgeon players in duels with a easy-to-get tankard.

Holy Mountgasm, Batman!

Ever wanted a riding ram?  What about a riding kodo?  Now you can have both!

There is a new boss in Blackrock Depths, a Dark Iron dwarf named Coren Direbrew.  Amoungst other things, he drops two different mounts, each useable by horde and allaince players alike (a ram and a kodo).  The drop rates for the mounts are similar to that of the fast flying broom from the Hallow’s End event (about 10% chance).

To tackle Coren, get a group (five people, all level 70, 1 tank, 1 healer, and at least some AoE) and head over to Blackrock Depths.  Zone in and click on the pile of books just to the right of the entrance.  You will all be transported to inside the Grim Guzzler.  Step just outside the door to grab the daily quest to spawn Coren.  You only can spawn him once per each person’s daily quest.  If you fail in defeating him, you cannot have that player spawn him again, so you lose a chance.

When spawned, Coren will have three adds, and will periodically gain more.  Just burn the adds down (AoE helps) as they will be non-elite with little health (7k).  BE CAREFUL NOT TO AOE ANY OF THE BAR PATRONS! Two elite adds will also spawn, Coren’s daughters: Ilsa and Ursula. Each have 28k health, are immune to CC, and give nasty stun debuff after ~15 seconds, so focus fire them down right as they spawn.

Ranged classes should be extra careful to stay out of melee range of Coren to avoid taking hefty damage.

The fight is fairly straightforward.  Coren does have a whirlwind knockback and a random stun, but they should be nothing to fear.  Coren sports a measily ~170k pool of health.

Lather, rinse, repeat!  After defeating Coren, you don’t need to zone out in order to fight him again.  He will respawn shortly.

The Sexiest Trinket Ever

Admit it: you always wanted your own pet dwarf!

Coren has a small chance of dropping a trinket called the Balebrew Charm.  It gives you +45 stamina, and on use will summon a black barmaiden dwarf who will do about 5k damage to enemies (from throwing empty trankards) over 15 seconds.

She also gives you free beer if you /wave at her!

Other Goodies

Corin Firebrew drops two decent trinkets for priests:

  • Healing Trinket: Direbrew Hops
    +84 healing and on-use +297 healing for 20 seconds (2 min. cooldown)
    (Same stats as Essence of the Martyr, which costs 41 Badges of Justice.)

He can also drop an item that can be turned in for 40 tokens.

If you partake in any of the Brewfest quests, particularly the daily quests, you will accumulate tokens which can be redeemed for various other rewards:

  • Special “romance” goggles (changes all other characters into either male gnomes or female orcs, depending on your faction).
  • A portable keg, so that you and your friends can booze anytime and anywhere.
  • A few different kinds of food stuffs.
  • New this year: Brew of the Month Club! For 200 tokens, you will receive a different type of beer in the mail every month for the rest of the year (and will be able to access these special brews from specific vendors as well). Each beer has a unique special buffs or effect.

For just 50 silver, you can get your own antlered, winged rabbit non-combat pet (called a Worpertinger) that is only visable to you (and other players who are drunk).

EDIT: Per the awesome’s Belfi Flinthammer‘s comment below,  while in the Grin Guzzler, don’t forget to:

…loot the mug in the bar (the one with the red smoke coming up), you get a dark iron dwarf illusion that lasts for an hour! It’s unique so you can drink it, get the illusion, and then loot another mug so you can drink that at a later time.

Nice find!

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  1. If you loot the mug in the bar (the one with the red smoke coming up), you get a dark iron dwarf illusion that lasts for an hour! It’s unique so you can drink it, get the illusion, and then loot another mug so you can drink that at a later time. ;)

  2. you can equip and use Essence of the Martyr and Direbrew Hops at the same time to boost your healing by almost 600!

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