Harvest Festival Time

I am a dwarf, proud and true.

If you didn’t realize that a blog titled “Dwarf Priest” was written by a dwarf, then, well, I got a continent I’d like to sell ya…

I find that our kind is largely misunderstood by other races.  People seem wary of us.  So what if we have an affinity for booze and a racial talent in guns?

Wait!  Where are you going!?!

Okay, okay, I’ll put the thing down…  Come back here!  I wanted to talk to you…

In the interest of helping lesser other races get to know us better, I want to tell you a little bit about something dear to our dwarven hearts:


The five favorite foods of dwarves:

  1. Free food
    You want to walk away from the table with a heavy purse and heavier belly.
  2. Food that is cooked for us
    Cookin’ is for sissies!
  3. Surprise food
    I forgot I left that cheese in my hat!
  4. Food that gets us drunk
  5. Meat
    What else would you make food out of?

The Harvest Festival started today two days ago, and it incorporates all five of our favorite kinds of food!  Come spend some time with your dwarven brethren at the gates of Ironforge for some surprise, free, already-prepared, meat and necter.

… okay, okay, only four of our favorite foods from the list are provided. The necter doesn’t get you drunk.  It’s just provided for the lightweights. *cough*nightelfsissies*cough* A true Harvest Festival celebrant knows it is totally B.Y.O.B. (bring yer own booze!).

Harvest Fest will run until September 13th. Get your free meat while you can!  Ghostly heroes of battles past demand you honor their names by eating all their free food stuffs.

Oh, and you can go honor some human guy who did some stuff.  But there’s no food involved.  Hardly worth the effort…

And if you’re horde, stay the hell away from our food!  Go get your own at Orgrimmer or something…

2 Responses

  1. Ahahaha! This is awesome!

    As a fellow female dwarf priest, I approve this post.

  2. Oh, and you can go honor some human guy who did some stuff. But there’s no food involved. Hardly worth the effort…

    I thought “they” burried food in the ground, left it for a week, then dug it up and sent it…

    Rat catcher specialty!

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