True Priest Confessions

Let me bare my soul to you.  I have some things to confess…

  • My first character to the level cap was a paladin, not a priest. A priest was my first character. I found it too challenging and instead leveled a sturdy paladin first, then went back to playing priests. I was more successful with a better knowledge of the game.
  • I don’t read the quest text. Even on new quests, I just skim for the information I need and go to it.
  • I think Warcraft lore is a little bland. Perhaps if I found it more interesting I’d read the quest log once in a while.
  • I would leave Warcraft in a heartbeat for a good Planescape MMO … which would, regrettably, never happen.
  • I gear to raid.  I do not raid to gear. Skill > gear.  Always.
  • I have a serious respect for people who work hard on trash. What idiot cares about the “Trash Mobs” listing on Wow Web Stats?  Me.  I’m the idiot. I just really hate lazy players.
  • I hit the cap of 50 characters on my account … and still haven’t managed to get a druid past 20. So boring!
  • I like grinding quests.  A lot. Kill 50 boars?  I’m there!  Ironically, I hate STV and Nagrand.  I suspect I have an aversion to the color green.
  • I have been the reigning Trivia Bot champion in my guild for the past three years which is kinda sad if you think about it.

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  1. Planescape, zomg. Planescape: Torment is one of my all-time favorite games and began my descent into being a slave to Bioware games.

  2. Before hitting 58 and going through the Dark Portal, I never read any quest text. Afterwards, I began to analyse every tiny bit of the quest. I probably will stop soon in my rush to prepare for WotLK.

    How on earth did you manage to create 50 characters. You are one silly dwarf.

  3. Quest text? there is quest text?
    Next you are going to tell me the quest text tell you the objectives and where to complete them…

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  6. Great post! :) And I see several blogers have been inspired by it. Bring forth more confessions!

  7. Quest text is for nubs. And for my friends, who continually bail me out because I don’t read it. And wth is with the “Accept” button?

    Confession: I still have no idea what possessed me to roll a priest. I think it was because I was tired of the qq’ing about how hard it was to level a Holy Priest. Bah: Just take two of your close personal friends along as Warrior and Mage. Holy Trinity indeed!

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