In BRD, What Do You See?

Slightly off-topic (as this isn’t really priest related)….

I’ve been messing around with a few of my alts lately, trying to get them up to the level cap before WotLK.  I decided to spend some time leveling my lockpicking on my rogue (mid-50s in level) by opening the doors in Blackrock Depths a few times.  Once in BRD, however, I decided I wanted to do something I had seen done so many times before, but had never done for myself: solo the Attunement to the Core.

Now, I know soloing the quest is nothing special, even to a character under 60.  However, it feels epic to me.  That association was likely set in my head back in 2005 when I saw a Warcraft movie that literally changed the way I thought and felt about the game: Nogg-aholic. (it really is a movie of epic proportions, and I recommend watching the whole thing if you ever have the chance!).

In Nogg-aholic: The Movie, there is a sequence where Attunement to the Core was soloed in under 5 minutes (and this was back in the day when there were a good number more mobs in BRD).

Here is that clip from Nogg-aholic:

Accomplishing this task in my first attempt, and only needing two health potion to succeed (damn lava!), made it feel like such a significant achievement.  Why can’t things like this count in the new WotLK achievement system?

Having successfully attuned myself to a dungeon no one visits anymore, I wandered around BRD a bit.  It’s been a while since I’d hung out there.

I stumbled onto a L70 L80 Elite Tauren Chieftains drum set in The Grim Guzzler, complete with two goblins hard at work on it…

One of the goblin NPCs said to come back at 8PM.  So I did, and I got a show!

Here is a video of The L80 ETC performance in BRD (not recorded by me): (They are singing the song: “Power of the Horde.”)

The last thing I did while in BRD was stock up on Sulfuron Slammer drinks from Plugger Spazzring.  The drinks set you on fire!  Really!  The fire debuff you gain lasts 6 seconds, and even deal a small amount of damage.

The flavor text on the drink reads:

“It’ll knock your socks off… and then set your feet on fire.”

At 20 silver a drink, it’s costly, but worth it for the 6 seconds of flaming glory!

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