Healing Gear List Updated

The list of the best priest PVE healing gear has been updated!

Changes include:

  • Updated stat weights for item scores to account for Sunwell encounters

    Score =
    0.65*(spirit) + 0.51*(int) + 1.00*(mp5) + 0.27*(+heal) + 0.06*(spell crit) + 0.10*(spell haste)

  • Inclusion of Kil’jaeden drops
  • Inclusion of drops from Ahune
  • Inclusion of Season 4 Arena and honor items
  • More trinkets!
  • Updated the costs of arena/honor items
    Some items have been removed as of season 4 and have been noted as such, but remain on the list

The trinket rankings have fluctuated a bit, and the full list of trinkets is as follows:

(More information about trinkets can also be found on the healing gear list.)

Go check it all out!

4 Responses

  1. Long time lurker.

    I was hoping you might take some time to explain your derivation of the new “Sunwell encounter balanced” stat weightings you’ve provided. They differ pretty significantly from here and I always find your math to be superbly explanatory.

  2. I just wanted to tell you how valuable this list is for me. Since copying it to Word over the weekend, I’ve already upgraded three items (including one I may have passed on–Teeth of Gruul–in an earlier takedown of him.

    Your site continues to be a virtual cornucopia of priestly goodness…thank you!

  3. Slightly higher weight was given to +heal (going up from .24 to .27 in weight), as more raw healing power is required. Also, haste becomes insanely useful. It pars very well with Circle of Healing. At the level of Sunwell content, one point of spell haste is just as useful as one point of +heal. But, since I am making a list of “goal gear” and not just a list of “What should you wear in Sunwell”, values gets averaged over content levels and our spell haste value becomes 0.1.

  4. Any idea if you will be update this website to include patch 3.0.2?

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