My 5 Biggest Noob Moments

Not everyone starts out with all the necessary game knowledge instantly injected into their heads.  Even the manual that comes with the game itself can misguide you.  I try to be helpful to new players as I remember making a fool of myself when I was new to the game … as painful as it is remembering how much of a noob I was.

Here are my 5 biggest noob moments (feel free to have a good chuckle at my expense):

1) Not knowing what a wand was.
Starting out, I was the priest that would melee enemies into the ground. It wasn’t until my 20s when I found out about wands and the “Shoot” button on my spellbook. Leveling was painful up until that point.

r_crying.jpg2) Buying gear from vendors.
I didn’t know of the existence of the Auction House when I initially started playing, so I kept using the white gear available for purchase from vendors to upgrade my gear (this was back in the day when there was only an AH in Ironforge).  Again, I think I was in my 20s before I learned to get better upgrades from the AH.

3) Accidentally pulling Mograine with tab-DoT “AoE”.
My first time DPSing in an instance, I was in Scarlet Monastery – Cathedral.  A high level paladin was tanking and would pull and hold large groups of mobs while our party burned them down all at once.  As I priest, I didn’t have any AoE, so I was tabbing and SW:Pain-ing everything.  I wasn’t being very careful, and accidentally pulled Mograine with SW:Pain.  The Cathedral wasn’t close to being clear, so it became a Benny Hill-esque “run for it” moment with half the Cathedral on our tails.  Thankfully, the group never realized what made Mograine aggro on us and just assumed it was a bug.  Phew!

4) “Tauren” Mill.
I started out playing on a PvP server in the olden days when there was a perpetual, epic-scale battle of the factions in Hillsbrad in the area between Tarren Mill and Southshore (world PvP ftw!).  As a low-level Alliance player, I was unable to go anywhere remotely near Tarren Mill without being inadvertently caught in the battle, so the location remained a mystery to me until about a year later when I rolled a horde character.   I don’t know if it was the fact that I was unable to go anywhere near it, or the sight of massive Tauren warriors swinging huge, glowing two-handed swords smashing anyone into pudding who went remotely near Tarren Mill, but for some reason it became ingrained in my brain that Tarren Mill was called “Tauren” Mill.  You can imagine how I laughed when I realized my error, and discovered Tarren Mill to be filled with undead NPCs!

5) Didn’t understand how to rez.
This is the worst one.  When I first started playing (and I am talking being level 6 in Elwynn, here), I couldn’t figure out the proper procedure to rez.  No, not other players.  I couldn’t figure out how to rez myself when I died.  I had just spent over an hour installing the game, and made the mistake of reading the game manual before playing.  I remembered reading that death would be penalized with a loss of xp, and that there different penalties for getting spirit rezzed as opposed to running to your body.  I wanted to avoid losing experience, especially since I was just starting out, so I called the friend who had told me about WoW and asked him what I should do.  BIG MISTAKE.   He is never going to let me live down the fact that I had to call him and ask him what to do the first time I died in the game.

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  1. I didnt know that M brought up a map so I got lost in elwyn forrest and stormwind ALL the time.. and tried to navigate by memory…

  2. 5) Didn’t understand how to rez.
    I can relate to this. When I first started playing, I thought the only way to rez was at the graveyard and spirit rez. I remember thinking how crappy of an idea that was and being mad at the game designers for it. Another player eventually asked me why I always spirit rezzed, to which I replied, “Is there any other way??” Various forms of “noob” and “newb” soon followed.

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