Patch 2.4 Live

As you all have probably realized by now, patch 2.4 went live this morning.

Download It!
Here is a safe patch mirror if you are having trouble with the Blizzard downloader:

Priest Guide Updates
I have updated my priest guide with relevant patch 2.4 changes. Some areas (gems, spell haste, and mana regen) will have to updated later and have been noted as being “Out of Date”. I’ll be making further updates shortly.

Notable Patch Changes
In summary, the big patch changes are as follows:

  • Some Significant UI changes Improvements.
    Many players should see a framerate increase due to a revision to the physics engine. Also, update your add-ons! There have been a number of combat log and chat log changes.
    (I am frantically trying to get all mine working. As ashamed as I am to admit it, I am one of those players who “cannot play without add-ons!!” I might just scrap everything and re-do my UI. Yes, I’ll go do that right after this post…)
  • New Content (Faction, Quests, Dungeon, and Raid)
    Check out the new quests and faction and quests on the Isle of Quel’Danas and the new 25-person raid and 5 person dungeon on Sunwell Isle.
  • Game Mechanics Changes
    Haste now affects the global cooldown. Your mana regen now increases as a function of both your intellect and spirit (as your intellect rises, you get more mana regen per point of spirit … if you have over 300 intellect you will be seeing an increase in mana regen). AoE and other damage sources that you do not actively target (like the Reflective Shield talent) will no longer break crowd control.
  • Priest Class Changes
    Chastise was changed to be instant cast and a 2 second root (not stun). You can now cast Fear Ward in shadowform. Mass Dispel will affect 10 targets (used to be 5). Power Infusion no longer increases spell damage/healing, but will reduce casting times and mana costs of spells by 20%.
  • Gear Changes
    Jewelcrafters can now make spell haste gems. Heroic-dropped gems are no longer unique-equipped. Blue PvP gear is purchasable from reputation vendors throughout the Outlands factions (Lower City, Sha’tar, etc.).
  • Dungeon/Raid Changes
    25-person raid bosses now drop more money, more set tokens, and badges. Drops from Doomwalker and Kazzak are now BoE. You no longer have to get attuned for Mount Hyjal or Black Temple, or for Karazhan (though someone in your raid still needs a key to enter Kara).
  • PvP Changes
    No more diminishing returns on honor. Honor will be instantly calculated and usable. It will now take longer before drinking starts to regen your mana. Warsong Gulch received some tweaks to encourage people to cap the flags instead of hiding with them for honor farming.
  • Other Helpful Improvements
    You no longer have to relearn ranks of spells when you relearn your talents! You can inspect other players from the name in chat. You can inspect players of the opposite faction (when not flagged fro PvP). The Auction House will show price-per-unit when mousing over the item.
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