The Crossover

My boyfriend was playing Sims 2 on his computer. I know very little about the game, so I wandered over to watch him play for a bit. I noticed right off the bat that his character bore an uncanny resemblance to himself, right down to his favorite green shirt.

“Hey, he looks like you. Hair, glasses, green shirt. You did that on purpose, right?”

“Yeah,” he said.

“What’s your Sim doing?” I asked. The character seemed to be stomping around in a flower bed.

“Watering flowers,” he replied.

The screen dimmed, indicating that it had instantaneously become night. Odd, the Sim was already wearing his pajamas.

“Why is he watering flowers in his pajamas?” I wondered aloud.

“He’s not. He is a nurse. Well, he is an intern actually. He is in the medical profession track,” he explained.  The character must be wearing scrubs.

My boyfriend is not in the medical profession in real life, so this aspect of his character was clearly not modeled after himself. It took me a second, then it hit me:


“Yeah…” he replied, almost sheepishly.

He was playing the Sims 2 equivalent of a priest. My boyfriend, like myself, also plays a priest as his main in Warcraft.


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