Patch 2.4, Shadow Priest Buffs?

Some patch details are coming out, and while we don’t yet have an idea of when the patch will be released, the influx of information indicates that it will at least be some time this year. ;) I’m sure CMs are doing their best to only leak the positive stuff right now, but there are some nice buffs for shadow priests for once!


Spell haste was only used sparingly for shadow priests in the past, as almost all their spells put them up against the global cooldown. Now that it will benefits all their spells, this is a tremendous buff.

Oh hell yes. I wonder if Fear Ward’s spell line is being changed, or if it will just be a rare exception to the no-holy-line-spells-in-Shadowform rule. Good for PvE, good for PvP, I’m not complaining. Anything that helps shadow survivability is good in my book.


There are some good general buffs to help us out as well.

  • All 25- player raid bosses that drop set tokens will now drop an additional token!

Very helpful, considering that druids, warriors, and priests all share a token, and it sucks being lowest on priority on it, as it usually goes to tanks, then healers, then us lowly DPS monkeys. Shadow priests rejoice!

  • Gems obtained through Heroic difficulty instances are no longer Unique-equipped.
  • Loot dropped by Doomlord Kazzak and Doomwalker has been changed to Bind on Equip. In addition, the cash dropped by these bosses has been significantly increased.

Expect to see some guilds now use Kazzak and Doomwalker as a cash farm. The BoEs will be able to be sold for mega money. Coming soon to an AH near you:

From Kazzak, priest gear is: Exodar Life-Staff (healing), Ancient Spellcloak of the Highborne (DPS), and Leggings of the Seventh Circle (DPS).

From Doomwalker: Gilded Trousers of Benediction (healing), Anger-Spark Gloves (DPS), and the zomg-awesome Talon of the Tempest (DPS dagger).

And a hybrid buff:

  • Characters will now retain talented spell ranks so when they retalent they do not have to relearn the spells from trainers.

Anyone who has done the shadow-holy-raid-PvP dance with their talents is going to love this one. Serial respeccers rejoice! No more forgetting to retrain!

An an enchanting bonus:

  • New void crystal transmute into two large prismatic shards (every 24 hours).

I admit, I did a double take on the date today to ensure that it really was Feb. 1st and not April 1st. I’m sure more patch info will be “leaked” out soon, but, as always, I expect that CMs started with the big, positive news first.

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