Motion. Casting.

If you have ever wondered what kind of stuff warrants those urgent hotfixes that takes all the realms down in prime time, I have the perfect example for you: Motion Casting.

A bug that allowed a priest/warlock/mage to cast non-instant spells while moving was hotfixed earlier this week. Fortunately, it was at least caught on video for us all to see.

How it worked:

  1. A priest, warlock, or mage player would hit the hotkey to start wanding.
  2. Before the wand would shoot, the player would hit a hotkey to cast a non-instant spell.
  3. Immediately after hitting the hotkey for the spell, the player would start strafing.
  4. The player would be able to keep strafing about while the spell was being cast.

Hax indeed.

Seriously, watch the video. The guy is able to cast Resurrection while running about. This isn’t something that can be written off by bad lag. It was an honest to goodness zomg-take-the-realms-down-NOW bug.

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