Two Links Every Guild Officer Needs

If you serve in an administrative position within your guild (guild leader, guild officer, guild recruiter, class leader, raid leader, etc.), there are tools to help you recruit and raid. These sites are old news to many people; I am just stressing their importance.

There are a few things guild administrators need to ask themselves:

1. Who do you have and where are they at?

Use the site: Antiarc’s Armory Tools

Quick description: Antiarc’s Armory Tools does much of what you would expect it to do: pulls information from the World of Warcraft Armory for a user-defined guild and displays it in an easy to see and sort manner.

What to use it for: To be able to do raids and instances, it is handy know about the classes/specs in your guild and who is keyed for what. This information on classes, specs, and stats is great for raids leaders and class leaders. It can be handy for recruiters as well to know which classes or roles are lacking.

2. Where have they been and where are they going?

Use the site: Warcraft Realms

Quick description: Warcraft Realms gathers information about player statistics from people running a (totally safe and legit) data mining add-on while playing WoW. Players then submit the information gathered by the add-on to the site’s database.

What to use it for: Warcraft Realms has plenty of interesting player census information. It keeps record of players’ guilds (past and present). This is very handy for guild recruiters to see which guilds applicants used to be in, and to see where players who /gquit ended up.

  • Use the “Character History” feature to see which guilds a particular player used to be in. It is very easy to tell if someone hops guilds a lot, or recently transferred to the server. This is also useful if you need to get references on a player before admitting him/her to your guild.
  • Use the “Ex-Members” feature on the Guild Display to see all the former members of a guild, and which guilds they are in now. This can be very useful trend information (Are members ending up in competitors’ guilds, or moving to farther progressed guilds? Is one particular guild “poaching” a lot of your members?). Just enter your guild into the Guild Display, and click on the link at the top of the resulting page that says: Ex-Members. (Example)
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