Magical Bunny What?

I’ve been working on getting a mage alt of mine out of the black hole that is Hellfire Peninsula and was doing the quest Demoniac Scryer.

demon_s.jpgDespite it being a labeled a group quest, it is easily solo’d. I go to the basin of Hellfire Peninsula, activate the scrying stone thing, and take my time picking off the mobs that spawn to attack it. When done I click on the stone to “talk” to it to complete the quest.

I noticed something strange about the stone when I went to click on it. It had stacks of a debuff (supposedly from either the mobs attacking it or from the purple shooty stuff that comes out of it). The debuff had the “no icon” icon (the Samwise one … you know, the picture of the guy). When I moused-over the debuff, however, what I saw made no sense:


Yes, it really did say: “Magic Sucker Device Bunny Appearance.” What that means, I don’t really want to know…

Edit: And apparently this is a known bug.

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