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Undocumented patch changes ftw. Netherweave Nets (crafted by tailors) now stack in 20, not 10.

I love these things because:

  • They are useful in PvP (though cannot be used in arenas).
  • They are useful in PvE when you need to snare a CC’d mob that has broken loose, or root something that is being kited to give the kiter more distance on it.

… and they are also good for running away. Not that I ever do that. Really.

Tailors with 300 tailoring can make and use these (train to learn these at the Master Tailoring trainer in Thrallmar or Honor Hold). It takes 30 netherweave to make a stack of 20 of these.

A Netherweave Net will root a mob (within 25 yards) in place for 3 seconds. You have to be facing the mob to toss the net at it. It is an instant cast, does NOT trigger the global cooldown, and can be used while moving. There is a one minute cooldown on its use.

You can make a macro to use the Neatherweave Net. It is as simple as:

/use Netherweave Net

This can be expanded for many different applications. Here are two examples:

Emergency Macro for Shackle Breaks:

If you are having to CC a mob with Shackle Undead and are worried about it breaking early, you can make an emergency macro to net the mob in place and reshackle if it does.

Ensure that the mob has been set as your focus target:

#showtooltip Netherweave Net
/target focus
/use Netherweave Net
/cast Shackle Undead

Since using the net is an instant cast and doesn’t trigger the global cooldown, using this macro will not take any longer than any other macro for shackling.

Macro to Help Kiters:

If you ever find yourself in a situation where mobs are being kited and the kiters may need a bit of breathing room (example: the Striders on the Vashj fight), then you can use macro to net a mob and alert the kiter via whisper:

#showtooltip Netherweave Net
/use Netherweave Net
/script SendChatMessage(“I’m netting your target.”, “whisper”,nil,UnitName(“TargetTarget”));

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  2. I never thought to use Nets like that, thanks very much for the macro for dealing with shackle breaks.

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