Patch 2.3.2

Patch 2.3.2 was just rolled out. Nothing interesting for priests, not even some needed bug fixes (unless undocumented). It was a tiny patch (just a pinch over 5 mb). (Full patch notes here.)

There is one thing of particular note, though, that I would like to show you. A performance measuring feature was implemented that will tell you about how your game’s video settings are performing. If you have ever struggled with your framerate in game, then this is for you. :)

Quick aside: Framerate is a measure of how well the game appears on your screen. It is measured in FPS (frames per second). A low framerate means that the game will appear choppy to you, especially when rotating frantically, in instances/raids, or in densly populated areas. A high framerate means that the game will appear smooth. Anything under 20 is bad, 20-35 is fair, 35-50 is good, and 50+ is awesome. Most people don’t notice a difference until they drops below the low 30s.

Here is how the timetest feature works:

  1. Type “/timetest”.
  2. A FPS meter will come up on your screen.
  3. Hop on a flightpath to anywhere.
  4. Sit back, enjoy the flight. Or go eat a cookie. Whatever.
  5. Your WoW program will measure your video performance while you fly.
  6. Game performance results when be displayed when you land.
  7. The timetest feature (and FPS meter) will be disabled when you land. You have to type /timetest again to measure performance for another flight.

Pretty neat, huh? It’s helpful for people like me who have do a lot of tweaking of video settings to get their four year old computers to play nice with WoW. It’s still a matter of trial and error, messing with video settings and seeing what gives you the best average framerate.

In other, patch-related news, my outbid AH mail now doesn’t have subjects. :(


I needed those subjects to know what I was being outbid on. *sigh*

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