Favorite Place Names

I was leveling an alt of my in Un’Goro Crater last night and found myself in Terror Run. It lead me to think about all the interesting place names there are in Warcraft, and how evocative and telling a name can be. Naming a place “Terror Run” certainly gives it a feel of impending doom (and with all the elites pathing around, it certainly should!).

Here are my 25 favorite place names that I have come across (in no real order whatsoever):

  1. Slaughter Hallow (Alterac)
  2. Death’s Door (Blade’s Edge)
  3. Terror Run (Un’Goro)
  4. Deathforge (SMV)
  5. Bitter Reaches (Azshara)
  6. Pool of Tears (Swamp of Sorrows)
  7. Sanctum of the Fallen God (ST)
  8. Valley of Fangs (Badlands)
  9. Horizon Scout (Azshara)
  10. Dream Bough (Feralas)
  11. Wicked Grotto (Maraudon)
  12. Screaming Gully (WC)
  13. Skulking Row (Eversong)
  14. Murder Pens (RFD)
  15. Sorrow Hill (WPL)
  16. World’s End Tavern (Shattrath)
  17. Purgation Isle (Hillsbrad)
  18. Shrine of Unending Light (Shattrath)
  19. Deatholme (Ghostlands)
  20. Murder Row (Silvermoon)
  21. Honor’s Stand (Barrens)
  22. Ring of the Law (BRD)
  23. Valley of Kings (Loch Modan)
  24. Moon Horror Den (Winterspring)
  25. Terrordale (EPL)

And, while not a favorite per se, I do love the irony of the name Hidden Path (in Durotar). “Oh hey what’s this place? Ohhhhhh…..”

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