AH Blues

I have recently become quite aggravated by a new form of AH griefing, so to speak. People will put up pages of small amounts/stacks of common items. I don’t want to go through 14 pages of wool cloth at 10 silver a piece when I can buy a full stack for less than half of that rate (85 silver for a stack of 20).


I thought it might just be a phase, but I guess people are having some success selling items like this as more people seem to be joining in. The newest version of Auctioneer has a “ignore” function, which makes me want to install and toy with it.

Another thing that makes me want to get an AH ignore function are the people who consistently put up common items, like copper ore, for 99 gold. I know that people doing so is as old as the AH itself, but it remains annoying nonetheless. Fortunately I’ve never messed up and bought anything priced like this, but I still worry.

The last thing that has been pissing me off the most about the Auction House lately are the AH bots. Yes, people with Auctioneer’s Bottom Scanner installed have the affirmative “buy” option from it macro’d to a key that they have their bot press periodically as to buy items identified by Bottom Scanner as good buys. They also have a keyboard turning key (like”A”) macro’d to be pressed every two minutes to keep their character from going AFK. I don’t know how many times I have to report these bots in order to make them go away go for good, but Blizzard just doesn’t seem to want to do anything about them.

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