Healing Gear List – Updated

I’ve been getting some questions about my “Best Casual PvE Healing Gear for Priests” list, and how it doesn’t have set-bonuses in there (namely for PMC and Whitemend).  I just updated the list to include set bonuses for these sets.

My take on the set bonuses, in short:

When should you break Whitemend?
If you can get Hood of the Third Eye and either Pantaloons of Repentence or Pontifex Kilt.

When should you break Primal Mooncloth?
If you can get Robes of Heavenly Purpose and something else from content higher than Gruul/Mag/Zul’Aman (namely T5).

Keep in mind that this is just a list of gear from T4/ZA content and below.

Would it help if I actually posted the numerical ratings for all the items, to better help people with the whole set bonus issue (and also to understand which upgrades are minor, and which major)?  I have the formula up there at the bottom of the page, but it’d probably be better to just have all the computed values up next to the items for easier comparison.  I should get around to doing that at some point.

Also, is it worth it to actually make a list for higher level gear, too, or should people in T5+ content really know what is an upgrade for them?  At this time, I think a link to lootzor.com should suffice, as I am frankly too lazy to compile a ranked list encompassing all content.  That way people can plug in their own values and adjust for what their own playstyle, requirements for specific fights, etc.

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