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I use Omen/Threat1.0 to for my threat meter. And I love it. It can tell me my global threat, or my threat on the current target (fairly reliably … more precisely so next patch). However, I have noticed that it (and KTM for that matter) will not report my threat from crowd control, buffing, Symbol of Hope, and some of my other utility spells. Perhaps some of this is just bugs, or just unimplemented features. Or perhaps I’m just nuts.

Maybe I am misinformed on things, but it is my understanding that:

  1. Buffing does zero threat (but will put you on a mob’s threat list if you buff someone who is in combat).
  2. Crowd control spells produce the same amount of threat, regardless of whether or not they are resisted.
  3. The threat from crowd control spells is additive (if you spam shackle on a mob 10 times, you have ten times the threat from shackling).
  4. Symbol of Hope (draenei priest racial spell) should generate 0.5 points of threat for every 1 point of mana restored to a party member (as a baseline).
  5. Mind Control is high threat. Shackle Undead, Silence, and Psychic Scream are much lower threat, comparatively speaking.
  6. Silent Resolve reduces threat on all the spells in the holy and discipline tabs of your spellbook.
  7. Shadow Affinity reduces threat on all the spells on the shadow tab of your spellbook.
  8. Healing threat done by Vampiric Embrace is reduced by Silent Resolve, not Shadow Affinity (perhaps a bug, but it appears to be the current case).

Now, I think I understand that it may be difficult to parse the combat log for many of these events, or to track which priest does what. Some of these are straightforward, though. Like for Mind Control, the combat log says:

You gain Mind Control.
Mob is afflicted by Mind Control.

However, if the threat caused varied by rank of Mind Control used, then there would be no way to know, given the information in the combat log, how much threat you have from casting it. For that matter, there are many variables that may be in play that would never show in the combat log.

I have many unanswered questions, such as:

  1. Do talent procs, such as Focused Casting or Blessed Recovery, cause any threat?
  2. Do gear procs cause threat?
  3. Does threat amount vary with rank of crowd control spell used, or does it change by any other means (mob level, amount of time controlled, etc.)?
  4. Do utility spells (buffs, crowd control spells, etc.) cause any measurable amount of global threat?

Plus, I want to know if my aforementioned understanding of the more subtler nuances of threat are correct.

Earlier today I started to do a little testing in this matter to try to get a least some quantified information. I set out with my 70 shadow priest (with full Shadow Affinity, no Silent Resolve) and my 70 holy priest boyfriend (no Shadow Affinity, 4/5 Silent Resolve) to do a few experiments. Sadly, we got dragged away to do something else shortly after starting, but we did determine that Shackle Undead causes more threat (apparently additively) the more you cast it, and was causing somewhere in the ballpark of 118 threat per cast (max rank spell, mob 9 levels below mine).

I’m sure we looked ridiculous; I was just standing there letting a mob attack me while he was whacking it with his mace. A mage passing by tried to save me at one point. She seemed a bit confused by our “Don’t help us! We doing experiments!” line, and seemed to assume that we were just leveling our weapon skills.

We’ll try to do some more testing sometime in the near future to get a better understanding. Hopefully we’ll be able to come up with some actually useful numbers.

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  1. How does Psychic Scream work threat-wise? Better or worse than the other CC threats?

  2. I’ll hopefully have a chance to test some more and post some exact numbers soon; I haven’t done any testing with Psychic Scream yet. My guess is that it is much lower than Mind Control, but similar to Shackle Undead. But that is just a guess… From what I have tested, the max rank of Mind Control is more than 2k threat. Shackle Undead at max rank is roughly 120 threat.

  3. Howdy. I like your blog. Good on you.

    Regarding buffing and threat…Buffing while in combat definitely generates global threat. Try your Power Word: Fortitude right after the tank pulls. You will get aggro. :)

  4. 1st time lvling a priest 77 now ,got most off what u said allready ,nice to see some i havent though. very good site . thank you

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