Whining About Whining…

I don’t know if it is the time of year or what, but I am seeing a sizable amount of whining in my g-chat in both of my main guilds. Not just from a select few individuals, either, but from a good number of people. I’m thinking that it is perhaps contagious, like yawning, or people see other people doing it and feel they want to join in and do the same. Negative behavior reinforcing negative behavior, perhaps?

It’s never usually this bad. Granted, there is always an individual who pulls this crap all the time, but it is easy to tune one person out. But nearly all of g-chat?

I don’t know why people think that others want to hear them whine about: their class, dying, not getting drops, leveling, people PvPing, people having better gear than they do, or other innane crap. Don’t get me wrong; I love hearing a good kvetch if it is actually insightful and/or witty, but nearly 100% of the dialog is just one-dimensional, trite complaints. Or worse, people have been periodically throwing in the painfully-too-much-information-about-real-life complaint that no one knows how to respond to.

I log onto WoW to relax and have fun. Not to have a dozen people suck the enjoyment out of a game with their negativity and tired old “pity me” routines.

Is it just the time of year? Or is it just my guilds? Weeks like this make me seriously want to jump ship.

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  1. Yes. There is a fair amount of this going on; mostly between the Have and Have-nots. People with 1000 dps in SSC/TK/BT are continuing on and those people that are barely 650dps in SSC *and need the upgrades* are getting left behind.

    People who are running Zul’Aman are leaving others out in the cold. So.. those people that are loyal to 25-person raiding feel left out when the guild only takes it’s favorites into ZA. I know 1 guild where the officers said, “we are raiding ZA for 2 weeks, no SSC/TK, so don’t ask about it and don’t ask to get into ZA. You are lucky to even be in a SSC/TK raiding guild, just have patience and farm Badges of Justice until we resume 25 person raiding. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

    That, and the fact that the WoTLK are coming soon, people just giving up on “niceness” in guild chat.

    Funny *strange* how things turn out, huh?

  2. You’re absolutely right; it could be the new content that is making people batty. I didn’t consider that at all, but it does make the most sense.

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