Adventures in Patch 2.3

Just playing for a few hours today on an alt in the low 40s I was able to gain a quick 2 1/2 levels questing in Dustwallow Marsh. It is amazing how much faster leveling feels with the patch 2.3 changes. My concern is that I have three characters stuck in Hellfire Pennisula. Three. Stuck. HFP seems like such a chore after you do it a few times. I’m worried that it will keep devouring my alts, especially given how much of a breeze leveling seems to be up until that point, now.

There are some nasty bugs that are in the works to be fixed. Shadowform is bugging out in PvP when encountering classes with dispel power (priests, shamans, paladins … and now hunters). WoW Armory is all bugged out for priests (due to the addition of Focused Will).

One of the best undocumented changes is that costumes appear to work in shadowform. Yes, I am currently a dancing shadow ninja on the Stormwind AH “stage”.

Honestly, the thing I am liking the most about this patch is the ways that Blizzard is making it more visually accessible. I love that:

  • I can see on my minimap if there is someone wanting to give me a quest.
  • Things that I can click on now sparkle on my screen (well, most of the time, anyways).
  • I can easily “track” where a reagent vendor, repair person, etc., is.

I’m sure I am not the only person with low vision who is insanely excited about all these little changes to the UI. Surely others are glad they no longer have to strain their eyes in Feralas trying to find that small strand of sungrass to click on to herb (For the love of Pete, WHY is the herb so close in color/texture/size to the grass of that zone? Surely that could have been avoided?).

Oh, and I gave Zul’Aman a go. My guild didn’t want to venture into it yet, so I *gasp* pugged it on my shadow priest. Hilarity ensued. Well, not really, but a sizable repair bill did. I’m looking forward to giving it a serious go with an organized (and balanced) group in the near future.

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