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I caught this thread on the Priest forums earlier today announcing a new “CT Profile-like site” called, that is currently in beta. I have to say, in the five minutes that I have been messing around with it, I am very impressed.

In a nutshell, is like an improved, cleaner version of the World of Warcraft Armory. Its primary function is to be able to pull up Armory data on any character (currently US servers only), and display gear, talents, spell/abilities, and stats all on one nice, neat page. It will also give a rating (epic, rare, uncommon, common) to your stats.

Really, the most impressive thing about this (besides the fact that it loads in the fraction of the time WoW Armory does) is the way ALL talents, gear, enchants, etc., are all taken into account when giving an overview of your character’s stats and spells. For example: if you mouse over your mana, it lists how much of your mana came from your intellect, your race/class, and from experience. It’s nice to see such integrated data all in one place.

The spells and abilities that are displayed are dependent on the class and spec of the character. Useful informatiom such as heal per mana (HPM), heal per second (HPS), damage per second (DPS), and damage per mana (DPM) are displayed. Crit rate is also listed for spells that can crit, and talents are taken into account. Extra mouse-over information includes: threat multipliers, efficiency, burst, cost, hit rate, +dmg/+heal increases, and more. All taking into account gear and talents.

Other functions of the site include the ability to build a sample character (talents, gear, etc.), and an advanced search (to, say, look up all 70 priests on your server, for instance).

I can’t wait to see what this site will be able to do once all the bugs are ironed out and it is out of beta.

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  1. Ooh. That looks interesting – thanks for the link!

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