Close Encounters of the Leeroy Kind

So, I was out at a restaurant for dinner with my boyfriend last night.  Toward the end of our meal, out of nowhere, I hear: “Leeeeeeroy Jenkins!!”  He somehow didn’t hear it, but I nearly spit my soda all over the remainder of my meal.  A group of guys at the next table where all huddled around an iPhone.  Either the “Leeroy Jenkins” was a ringtone, or they were watching the video.

It caught me off-guard, and not for the obvious reasons.  I didn’t think twice that I just had one of those rare real-life close-encounters-of-the-Warcraft-kind.  It was the fact that it was Leeroy Jenkins.  Leeroy Jenkins was released in, what, May of 2005?  In terms of internet memes, that is an eternity ago.   It is an ancient relic by World of Warcraft standards.

But now that I think about it, what would it be, now?  What was the last big thing in WoW?  Since Leeroy, we had Illegal Danish, Chuck Norris, and South Park, but all of those were so long ago.

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