Priest Bugs

Last updated: 03/02/08, patch 2.3.3.

I thought I would include a section on known priest bugs. I frequent the Bug Report Forum on the official WoW forums and can keep this updated with current issues.

Confirmed Bugs:

  • Greater Heal Bug:
    Occasionally when a priest casts Greater Heal it won’t land, so to speak (presumably due to a sync issue between the client-side data (what you are doing) and the server-side data (that the server thinks you are doing)). Your target will not receive the healing, but your mana will be deducted.
  • Resurrection:
    Allies are coming back to life with an inconsistent amount of health and mana (typically more than they should).
  • Mind Vision Interrupting Drinking
    Priests can currently use the spell Mind Vision to interrupt the drinking of other players in arenas/battlegrounds.  Mind Vision will be disabled in arenas in patch 2.4 until the bug is fixed.

Confirmed as Not Bugs:

  • Spirit of Redemption – Holy School Locked:
    If your holy school is locked down from being kicked, counterspelled, etc., and you die, your holy school of spells will still be locked down. This means you will not be able to heal in Spirit of Redemption form until the effect is over.
  • Imp. Fort/Imp. Divine Spirit:
    The tooltips for Power Word: Fortitude and Divine Spirit will not change, despite talent points being put into Improved Power Word: Fortitude and Improved Divine Spirit. The spells will provide their improved effects, but their spell tooltips just won’t reflect it.

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