Happy Hallows End!

I have been having a great Hallows End! I was quickly able to pick up my coveted DPS caster ring from the Headless Horseman, and was also able to get the healing ring as well (though technically a downgrade, I’m holding onto it for those stamina-fights). My warlock alt has made a fortune by just parking herself outside of SM and summoning people for gold. She was also able to pick up the DPS caster ring as well, though she is a pitiful level 39.


My dwarf priest has been sporting her hand-made pirate costume. Mind you, this is not cheaply done by a Hallow’s End wand! I assembled that costume piece-by-painstaking- piece. It took me forever. And a day.  Well, not really.  The toughest part was getting the hat.



In detail, it is:

My dwarf rogue alt has a Hallows End party tomorrow for her guild, but I do not yet know what her costume will be. I’m thinking possibly going as The Bride from Kill Bill (White Wedding Dress and Hanzo Sword).

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