New Priest Talent: Focused Will

Edit: Apparently, this is being reworked into something less buggy that provides a more competitive alternative to Blessed Resilience (Source1, Source2).  Disregard the information below.


A new addition to the Discipline tree for priests just went up on the 2.3 PTR. It is called “Focused Will” and sits opposite Power Infusion in the seventh tier (requires 30 points in Discipline talents).


There are three ranks of the spell.

After taking a critical hit you gain the Focused Will effect, reducing the critical damage taken by 10%/20%/30% and increasing healing effect on your by 10%/20%/30% for 6 sec.

A few notes on this talent:

  • It can be dispelled.
  • It does not stack with itself.
  • It does not trigger from “prevented” critical strikes (unlike Blessed Recovery and Blessed Resilience).
  • You cannot decrease critical strike damage against you by more than 25%, so this effectively does not stack with resilience gear in this regard, and will not got up to the 30% reduction even listed on the tooltip.
  • The healing aspect on it seems to be a counter to healing reduction effects from Mortal Strike warriors, and hunter shot changes in 2.3. Example: If a MS warrior hits you for 50% reduction, you’ll only get +15% healing from the max rank of this, to 65%.

IMO, this seems to be a bit more of a 5v5 talent, where you are the PVP tank and able to get healing. It looks like it should be useful for people who are nowhere near the resilience cap, but I still hesitate to recommend it over the critical hit negation from Blessed Resilience. It does seem a bit buggy, and I highly suspect changes will be made to it before it goes live. I am betting both aspects of it will be changed to 8/16/25%.

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