Go go realism!

An interesting bit from Eyonix on the US Priest Forums today:

You will be able to level using holy or discipline, just much slower than if you had specced shadow. Unless you’re just playing for fun, not focused on the speed of leveling, or plan to be doing dungeons most of the time, I’d probably not level using holy/disc as your primary talent tree.

Keep in mind, you can still heal during the level up dungeons as a shadow priest.

Glad to see a CM being realistic for once, instead of the all-trees-are-viable line that we usually get.

Also, today Eyonix gave us this bit:

Though some priests have found a use for the discipline tree, right now, it doesn’t quite have a solid purpose/goal, but rather seems to act as a supporting tree. This is something we plan on addressing with Wrath of the Lich King. Originally, the goal of the tree was primarily intended to provide staying power, vs. the holy tree which provides throughput.

Thank you, Eyonix.

PS – Please tell me the discipline tree is going to let us be fighting monks in WotLK!

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  1. Ahh. Shadow still owns.
    I should seriously consider leaving Holy/Disc forever. Have you seen the items on the Test Realm? There are few (I have seen none) +heal only items. Just about all the spell buffs from items are both +heal & +damage. No “pure” healing items left? I wonder if WotLK will have the bittersweet (i.e. +dam & +heal) items and no purely +heal, mana regen items?

    – M

  2. Blizzard changed it so that 1/3 of the +heal on “healing” items is now +damage as well. That is why everything you see has healing and damage. It is actually intended as a buff for healers so that they do not have to carry around a second set of gear for soloing. They (supposedly) will be able to solo just fine in their healing gear with this change.

    There are some sweet healing/regen items in the patch. From Zul’Aman alone, you see items like Hood of the Third Eye, Staff of Dark Mending, and Robes of Heavenly Purpose (click item links for stats).

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