Faiths vs. Races

Since the proposed changes to priest racial spells in patch 2.3, I have seen quite a bit of talk on the Warcraft forums about using a “Faith” system instead of priest racials.

The general idea is explained in this thread:

The best solution to the racial problem is to allow priests to choose which racials they want through special trainers. Racials could be categorized into lesser and major abilities and called faiths instead of racials. You could choose one major faith, and two lesser ones.

The next thread on the subject took it a bit farther, and fleshed out the idea:

First off, remove the racials (no one likes racism) and add a Faith System to the priest class (priest.. faith.. makes sense right).

You can choose a Faith once you get your priest to lvl 10. At lvl 10/20/30/40 you would do a quest to get a new spell related to your faith.

The faiths that you can choose from are: Faith of Darkness, Faith of Light, Faith of Discipline. As you can probably tell, each faith is related to the priests’ talents trees in order to give the most utility out of each faith for each spec a pries wants to do.

Now for the spells:

Faith of Darkness
Touch of Weakness(lvl 10), Devouring Plague(lvl 20), Shadow Guard(lvl 30), Hex of Weakness(lvl 40)

Faith of Light:
Symbol of Hope(lvl 10), Chastise(lvl 20), Desperate Prayer(lvl 30), Consume Magic(lvl 40)

Faith of Discipline:
Star Shards(lvl 10), Elune’s Grace(lvl 20), Feedback(lvl 30), Fear Ward(lvl 40)

These of cource wouldn’t be the final models for each faith as certain spells might belong in different faiths.

Of course you would be able to change your faith in case you want to play a different role at end game or you think you made the wrong choice. It would cost 100g to change faiths and you can only do so once every 7 days.

I feel that the Faith System would rekindle the priest class(rumors say our numbers are getting lower) and would end disputes over racial balance, which is another less thing for Blizz to be concerned about.

The second thread ended up reaching the post limit, and had to be continued into a third thread.

The concept of a faith system, while interesting, does not solve the problem at its root.  We already choose a faction, race, and talent tree to tailor our character.  Having to choose a faith, too, would not help.

To be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t shed a tear if the whole priest racial system was just dropped.  Just give us all a few trainable spells.  Don’t make us choose a faith or a race based on what spells they get.  It’s just like picking the same talent tree all over again.

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