Masquerade Gown

walk.gifEveryone has a piece of gear that they desire, not so much for the stats on it, but more for the “wow, having that would be really freakin’ cool, because it looks AWESOME” value of it. For me, that item is the Masquerade Gown out of Karazhan. I know it is just recolored Frozen Shadoweave Robe/Will of Edward the Odd, but the purple tones on it seem to balance out the gold better than the blue tones do on the others. Complementary colors, ftw.

Since before I was in Karazhan I lusted after this item, appreciating that fine gold trim on the deep purple robes in ways, well, that probably aren’t healthy. Somehow I got it stuck in my head that this was something that would always be slipping through my fingers. Being a shadow priest (well, most of the time) I knew I was low on the priority list for getting it should it ever drop.

I have long since picked up a better healing chest piece, but this week in Kara, after months of being in there, my guild finally saw the first drop of it. Our healing priest had better, and our healing druid didn’t want it for some reason. I did an immediate “zomg, want!!” Fortunately, my guild didn’t think twice before looting it to me, in all my shadowform-y glory.

Besides the “zomg pretty!” aspects of the robe, the stats on it aren’t that bad, either:

34 stamina
Stamina is so hard to find on healing gear nowadays!

24 intellect
Meh, never hurts.

88 healing
Psh! Trivial.

Chance on spell cast to increase spirit by 145 for 15 secs
Now we are talking! It procs off of more than healing spells, too: Mind Vision, buffing, damage spells, etc. The spirit buff that it gives lasts for 15 sec, and the proc has an “internal cooldown” of 45 sec (meaning: after it procs, it cannot again for another 45 sec). But, provided it is not on cooldown, it has a 10% chance on spell cast of proccing. This means that this bad boy is proccing, on average, a little over once a minute of “continuous” spell casting.

The best part is that the spirit buff that it gives you is called “Love Struck” (because it drops from the Romulo and Julienne Opera event). How cool is that? The RP implications are endless.

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