Best Reputations for Priests

Last updated: 11/13/07 for patch 2.3. 


 Welcome to the World of ReputationCraft. So many rep. grinds, so little time. Which factions do you want that rep. from and why do you want it? Here is a little overview to what is useful to your priesty self to help you better plan which factions you want to spend the time grinding.

Use The Warcraft Reputation Calculator to see how much more reputation you need for each faction and how to get it.


Scryers vs. Aldor:

This is the big decision for priests first setting foot in the Outlands. The short answer is to choose Aldor (regardless of spec.). Why? The shoulder augments from Aldor are better than the ones from the Scryers faction, for both priest healing and DPS. Scryers has better DPS items, but they are easily replaced. You may still be motivated to go Scryers if you are an Alchemist, or are partial to the Tailoring or Jewelcrafting patterns from them. (Here is a link to a comparison site of the two if you need more help deciding.)

An overview of the two factions’ priestly benefits are as follows:

Non-Instance Factions:

  • Consortium
    • Nothing of note
  • Netherwing
  • Sha’tari Skyguard
  • Sproreggar
    • Nothing of note

Instance Factions:

Raid Factions:

Be sure to check out a complete listing of all the factions and their rewards to know what will benefit your professions as well!

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