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Talk about bringing back memories! I was chatting with someone about that time after the 2.0 patch (and talents) was released, but before TBC came out. There were so many exciting changes to shadow priest play! Back then, one of my guilds was polling people to see how they were planning on respeccing given the addition of new talents. Instead of just responding and saying I was going to be shadow, here is what I said:

Single undead shadow priest looking for some warlock lovin’. I want a grinding partner who can dish it out as well as I can. You’ve seen me melt faces, now let me melt your heart.

Me: I enjoy scenic rides on the Deeprun Tram, the senseless slaughter of paladins and gnomes, and refreshing dips into the green slime of the Undercity. I stay in shape with frequent jaunts through Alliance territories, cliff-jumping, and gnome lava tossing at Blackrock Mountain. My Focused Mind is often misunderstood. Though I lack Mental Strength and Inner Focus, my Mind Control can send others over the edge. No Inspiration or Enlightenment needed with me. I am one of the Darkness.

You: One of Unholy Power who can Enslave those who are worthy, and Banish those that are not. You need to be a master of Demon Tactics who can use Seduction, frequent Lashes of Pain, and possibly a well-timed Soothing Kiss to get the job done. Do you have a Grim Reach and a Shadow Embrace? All the better! Let me hear you shout off Curses all night long. I want one who knows Intensity and Devastation, and who isn’t afraid of being a Soul Leech (as I have been known to cause a Weakened Soul in my partners on occasion). I have no Fear of your Backlash or Shadowfury. Your Shadow Mastery and Demonic Knowledge will not Ruin me!

Let us share in a Dark Pact together. My Vampiric Embrace and Vampiric Touch will keep us both going all night long. Won’t you share in my Misery with me?

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  1. Hi, I am not new to WoW but am 1 month in to a new subscription with Blizzard, I don’t know how old your post is but I stumbled upon it and thought I would comment/seek help. I have a Lvl 23 (just dinged today) Night Elf Priest (shadow priest of course). I have an Alt, it’s a Warlock and infinitely more fun than my priest thus far. Tell me it gets easier for a shadow Priest!?

  2. It gets much easier. Keep working your way up the shadow tree. At level 40, get shadowform (respec if you need to). After shadowform, it is a breeze.

  3. lol, first I read that as, “respeck if you need to” as in, respect if you need to do that, I thought you were dropping street lingo! I have to say that my Shadowpriest is now Lvl 24 and after some well spent talent points I now have some fun new spells! After initially abandoning my priest for a twink Warlock I can happily say that the Priest is back!

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