Why Do I “Melt Kneecaps?”

Shadow priests supposedly “melt faces” (watch them cast Mindflay, or just look at the Mindflay icon). It’s a running joke in one of my guilds that I’m just too short to melt faces (dwarves being the shortest priest race), so I must be melting kneecaps instead. Last night, the conversation went like this (in the healer channel before a boss fight):

Priest-who-is-a-raid-leader: All of us will be healing here.
Druid-who-is-an-officer: Yup Yup.
Priest-who-is-a-raid-leader: But not <<Dwarf Priest>>
Me: But not me. I’ll keep VE up.
Priest-who-is-a-raid-leader: We need her dee pee ees.
Druid-who-is-an-officer: <<Boss’s>> kneecaps have been obnoxious. They need to be melted.

That joke just never gets old. Never.

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