The Start of a Guide

I play in some different casual guilds, a few of which have members who are painfully new to priesting and do and/or say things that make me cringe. Now, I was utterly n00btacular once, and I’d be the first person to admit it. However, it was only through some well thought out posts on priesting that I was able to find my way.

One of my guilds is having more senior and experienced members write little guides for members just for this reason. I was quick to volunteer to do the priest guide. However, this was four months ago. I figure it is about time to begin finalizing on it. This category of posts (“Priest Guide”) are my workings on the guide. Suggestions welcome

As for areas that will be covered, here is what I think I was going to include…

  • Starting Out
    • Races
      • Dwarf
      • Human
      • Night Elf
      • Draenei
      • Troll
      • Undead
      • Blood Elf
    • Professions
  • Talents
  • Leveling
    • 1-10
    • 11-20
    • 21-30
    • 31-40
    • 41-50
    • 51-60
    • 61-70
  • Instances and Raids
    • Healing
      • Healing as a Shadow Priest
    • DPSing
  • PvP
    • Battlegrounds
    • Arenas
  • Equipment
    • Gear
    • Enchants
    • Gems
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Add-On/Mod Suggestions
  • Macros
  • Priest Bugs
  • Very Useful Links
  • Final Notes
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