I was rooting through my screenshots folder and was reminded of how utterly creepy it is to find your in-game twin. While I don’t really have a true fear of twins (or concerophobia, for those of you who like fancy words), I do find it slightly alarming when I run across a look-alike. I always feel so violated, as if my uniqueness was stolen.

I’ve come across look-alikes a number of times, but only rarely with my dwarf characters. When I find a dwarven twin, I’m always tempted to start asking a lot of questions.

“When did you create your character?”
Did you copy me?

“Did you transfer?”
We’re both level xx, how come I’ve never seen you before?

“Did you notice, I have X and you have Y?”
Hey look, I have identified differences between us!

“So, how do you like your guild?”
Do you come in peace?


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  1. Best be careful. Never know when it’s gonna be yer long-lost evil twin, bent on world domination. I’s just sayin’ …

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